Mod Advisor Update: May 31

Mod Advisor Updates

Mod Analysis Software Updates

  1. The following rating data has been updated in MA – Effective 7/1/22 Arkansas, Massachusetts, Montana, South Dakota and Texas.  Eff 8/1/22 Rhode Island
  2. 12 new resources were added to the library since our last update on May 9th
  3. You can now download all resources as word documents
  4. We are working on uploading our Spanish documents – currently, 17 of our documents are updated and 8 more will be uploaded by the end of the week

What’s Coming

  1. Premium Impact Reports
  2. Rating Data Library
  3. California joint and subrogated claims processing

Our resource library is constantly growing. If you are an insurance agent who is wanting to see something new in our library, let us know!

If you have any questions on updates, please reach out to [email protected].

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