OSHA’s Most Frequently Cited Standards

OSHA’s Most Frequently Cited Standards

Top 10 Workplace Violations of 2022

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) releases a list citing the top 10 workplace violations every year. For 2022, OSHA presented their list at the National Safety Council Safety Congress & Expo. Below are the most cited workplace safety standards in 2022, along with their standard number and the number of citations that were issued by OSHA officers.

  1. Fall Protection: General Requirements (1926.501) – 5,260
  2. Hazard Communications (1910.1200) – 2,424
  3. Respiratory Protection (1910.134) – 2,185
  4. Ladders (1926.1053) – 2,143
  5. Scaffolding (1926.451) – 2,058
  6. Lockout & Tagout (1910.147) – 1,977
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178) – 1,749
  8. Fall Protection: Training Requirements (1926.503) – 1,556
  9. Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment: Eye and Face Protection (1926.102) – 1,401
  10. Machine Guarding (1910.212) – 1,370

Fall Protection Remains at the Top

Fall Protection was the most commonly cited standard in 2021, so this is no surprise. In fact, it has been consistently at the top of OSHA’s annual lists for the past 12 years! Injuries related to falls are a serious concern, especially in the construction industry. It’s advisable for companies to develop and strictly follow a robust fall protection plan for their workers. This will help not only ensure employee remain safe from fall hazards but will also reduce the chances of violating this important OSHA standard.

Increase in HazCom Violations

The Hazard Communication regulation serves to reduce the risks of employees being exposed to hazardous workplace chemicals. This type of violation moved up the list in frequency from fourth to second place since 2021, suggesting a need for renewed attention when it comes to chemical handling and education going forward.

Why Do These Stats Matter?

Businesses – Knowing what OSHA violations are the most common can help a company assess its risks and improve its workplace safety programs. Being diligent will also help companies to prevent accidents and save money on workers’ compensation premiums. The more effective your safety program is, the better you can mitigate these risks and expenses.

Agents – Educate clients and prospects on topics like “OSHA’s Most Frequently Cited Standards” so they can assess risk within their companies. It also shows that you care and are the right work comp professional for the job. In addition, providing custom mod analysis to look for claim trends and see how you can reduce work premium is great too. You can do all of that with Mod Advisor. Here is one of our infographics that our users can use to educate and market themselves. All of our resources are white labeled so you stand out, not us.

OSHA’s Most Frequently Cited Standards

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