Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Mod Advisor? We want that too! Check out our most FAQ.

Brokers who want to be the work comp professionals that stand out!  Mod Advisor helps simplify workers compensation analysis in order to educate clients and win over your prospects. Most importantly, we help you write new business.

But, Mod Advisor isn’t for everyone.  Typically if you do not write workers compensation insurance or your workers compensation policies are small premiums, you may not find value.  If you are trying to grow your business and focus on work comp, our analysis and resource library can help you win new business and retain existing accounts.  Many users pay for the subscription by just writing one $20,000 account.

We like to be transparent at Mod Advisor and help agents succeed, if you are an agency that writes little or no work comp premium then we may not be the right fit for you.

Our reports easily help you visualize your clients loss history and our resources make you look like the expert.

Our instant reports help to add value to your business by creating a visual that you can use when:

  1. presenting a mod audit 
  2. showing prospects what their current broker is lacking
  3. identifying trends and losses that are causing rising premiums
  4. forecasting future experience mods

Our design forward resources help educate clients/prospects. You can use our resources as part of your marketing toolbox!

Here is a case study that walks through how one of our users used our software to win an account and educate their client. 

The Mod Advisor software pricing depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Subscription type
  • Subscription length
  • Number of Users
  • Payment Plan – Pay in Full, Quarterly, or Monthly
  • API integration and potential add on work

Our software at a basic level comes with basic mod analysis software and full resource library and pricing usually starts at a few thousand dollars depending on the above factors and increase from there.  

It’s best to schedule a demo and have a conversation about what the problem is your trying to solve.  



At Mod Advisor, we focus on you.  All reports and resources are white labeled. Meaning, your agency logo is on everything. You won’t find Mod Advisor’s logo anywhere on ANY document. 

The goal of our resource library is to help your client lower their total cost of risk. We educate on workers comp programs, safe work practices, and compliance. We have marketing slicks in the library as well.  In reality, everything in  the library can be used to market yourself as the workers comp professional. 

We are always adding resources. We encourage our users to send us ideas for resources that they need in their agency. Our writers and creative team will get on it ASAP!

The reports show where improvement is needed in your client/prospect’s workers comp program. From claim costs, mod impact, the future mod, to where injuries our occurring – our reports point it out in a design-forward, easy to understand way. 

Make sure Mod Advisor is the right fit for you by scheduling a 1:1 demo. You can do this by visiting our home page and filling out our demo form. We will show you inside the software and how easy it is to get the reports you need. 

If you are ready, you can also purchase directly from the home page. 

Our founder, Todd Thams, has been a broker for 20 years. His clients had questions like how claims impact the mod, how the mod might change in the future, were the claims being reported correctly, and the list goes on. Ultimately, he wanted to be a cutting edge broker but didn’t see that technology in the marketplace. So, like you, he wanted to provide the best for his clients/prospects.

You can trust Mod Advisor because our founder has the same goals as you.   We listen, implement feedback we hear, and we want the best for agents.