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Mod Advisor is a cutting-edge work comp claims analysis software. We simplify the complexities of experience mod analysis, enabling precise risk assessment and cost reduction strategies.

Designed for brokers, carriers, and businesses, Mod Advisor offers intuitive tools for detailed analytics and reporting, ensuring better decision-making and enhanced client services. Elevate your claims management with our tailored, data-driven approach, optimizing workers’ compensation outcomes through unparalleled insights and efficiency.

Benefits & Features

Modern features to simplify Mod Analysis tasks

increase prospecting

Crush your mod analysis presentation and differentiate yourself from the competitors with easy reporting.

Instant Reporting

Upload the experience mod worksheet & see reports instantly.

The Solution Center

Our resources will help you become the trusted professional and help your client's company succeed.

design forward

Our software, reports, and resources are designed with the visual customer in mind.


Spend less time explaining reports and navigating outdated software. Spend your time helping clients lower their experience mod & save money.



Our software is great for middle – large market agencies. Brokers use Mod Advisor as a tool to differentiate themselves and add value to clients through in-depth analysis and actionable insights.


Insurance Companies use Mod Advisor for the benefit of real-time analytics in their underwriting, claims processing, and customer relationship management processes. Our software helps reduce costs, enhance claims response time, and provide superior service to their clients.

PEO’s – 

The Professional Employer Organizations use Mod Advisor if they are looking for ways to integrate modern technology and cost saving education measures. Using Mod Advisor helps provide claims insights, pricing predictability and better decision making using data-driven workers’ comp insights.


Businesses concerned about workplace safety, looking to minimize both direct and indirect costs associated with workers’ comp claims benefit from using Mod Advisor.  

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"I can’t believe how well Mod Advisor works, how easy it is, and what a valuable tool it has become in my sales process. I’ve been using Mod Advisor for only a few months, and it’s already helped add over $400,000 in premium to my book. It’s easy to use, the support is great, the reports are better, and it's not overly priced. In my opinion, Mod Advisor is a “no brainer” for any producer in the middle market"
Mod Analysis
Jason W.
“Mod Advisor is one of the most revolutionary products to hit the insurtech space in the past 5 years. A slick user interface is only superseded by the exported reports and sales tools that the software provides. My agency has been able to land multiple accounts 25,000 in agency revenue and higher as a direct result of Mod Advisor. Any agency selling middle market workers’ comp that is not using Mod Advisor is behind."
Mod Analysis
David Carothers
"Mod Advisor is a simple and straight forward mod analysis tool that every agent should have to be able to provide value to their clients beyond the insurance policy. Todd and his team continue to innovate offering resources in addition to mod analysis that the competition cannot match."

Mod Analysis
Jonathan Landry

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