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Insurance Agent Education

What is excluded from the e-mod?

As an agent, it is important to know what affects the e-mod to prove you are the work comp expert.

nurse triage program
Workers Comp Education

What is a nurse triage program?

A nurse triage program can help employees who get injured on the job and minimize employer costs related to workers’

Experience Mod Questions
Workers Comp Education

4 Common Experience Mod Questions

The experience mod is a key factor when it comes to worker’s compensation. If you are looking for more information

Experience Mod Timeline
Workers Comp Education

Experience Mod Timeline

An experience mod is a number used to help determine workers comp rates. The higher the mod, the more companies

Nurse Triage
Insurance Agent Education

How Nurse Triage Can Benefit Your Clients

A nurse triage program enables employees to call a medical professional for guidance. They report their injury and immediately get

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