Receiving feedback from our valued clients makes all the time & effort we put into Mod Advisor worth wild. We appreciate every client who gave the following Reviews.

"I can’t believe how well Mod Advisor works, how easy it is, and what a valuable tool it has become in my sales process. I’ve been using Mod Advisor for only a few months, and it’s already helped add over $400,000 in premium to my book. It’s easy to use, the support is great, the reports are better, and it's not overly priced. In my opinion, Mod Advisor is a “no brainer” for any producer in the middle market"
Jason W.
“Mod Advisor is one of the most revolutionary products to hit the insurtech space in the past 5 years. A slick user interface is only superseded by the exported reports and sales tools that the software provides. My agency has been able to land multiple accounts 25,000 in agency revenue and higher as a direct result of Mod Advisor. Any agency selling middle market workers’ comp that is not using Mod Advisor is behind."
David Carothers
"Mod Advisor is a simple and straight forward mod analysis tool that every agent should have to be able to provide value to their clients beyond the insurance policy. Todd and his team continue to innovate offering resources in addition to mod anaylsis that the competition cannot match."
Jonathan Landry
"Mod Advisor is a no brainer. The best tool available to add massive, actionable value for your workers compensation clients. Five big stars for awesome people who stand behind their product."
Jennifer Klages
"Mod Advisor is easily the best platform to help my clients with their workers comp insurance. Not only am I able to help them identify where we can help control their costs, but the software presents it in a way they can understand easier. I highly recommend them."
Ricky Hayter