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Mod Advisor Updates
Mod Advisor Update

Mod Advisor Update: Oct 18

Mod Analysis Software Updates Additional summary reports & premium impact reports were uploaded  The mod summary page now shows mod

return-to-work program
Workers Comp Education

Explaining a return-to-work program

A return-to-work program can play a vital role in your client’s safety program. As an insurance agent, you must explain

Experience Mod Rate
Workers Comp Education

What Is a Good Experience Mod Rate?

The worker’s compensation experience modification rate is a number insurance companies use to help determine workers comp premiums – it

Toolbox Talks
Workers Comp Education

5 Reasons to Use Toolbox Talks

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries in 2019. Unfortunately, up to 5,333 U.S. workers die

Mod Advisor Updates
Mod Advisor Update

Mod Advisor Update: Aug 5

Mod Analysis Software Updates Allow for Wisconsin Bureau Worksheet Import Designed new Wisconsin Bureau Report Consistent date formatting updated Report

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